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Getting Started with Browser Based Testing


Browser based automated acceptance testing was first introduced in Moodle 2.5 and is now a staple in the's development workflow to ensure that each release of Moodle is better than the last. Automated testing gives greater confidence for developers and system administrators to know that their system and customized features work as expected.

Come to this interactive workshop to watch how you can incorporate browser based automated testing using Behat. You will see the steps from setting up your testing environment using MAMP to running a sample Moodle Behat test. Then see what it takes to write your own test from something simple, such as creating an assignment, to file uploads, and backup/restore. If time permits, you will might even see advanced options, such as writing your own steps to simplify common tasks.

Presented by...

Rex Lorenzo
Lead Developer

Rex Lorenzo has been working with LMS systems at UCLA for over 10 years. Starting with creating a custom LMS for the School of Engineering, he has been working with Moodle for the past 4 years. He is a Particularly Helpful Moodler and tries to participant in the Moodle community as much as he is able to find free time.


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Rex Lorenzo
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