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Gamify Your Moodle Course


The effective design of a course can keep students in a game-like state by escalating the difficulty of the work incrementally and unveiling levels one at a time. Discover how this and other game-like elements can be used to transform Moodle courses into gamified learning experiences.

Introduction to Gamification in Education

  • Define Gamification
  • Identify Game-like elements

Moodle Tools used to Gamify a Course

  • Interactive Tools
  • Points and Scoreboards
  • Badges and Awards
  • Task Completion and Progress Bars
  • Unveiling levels and tasks
  • Peer interaction

Demonstration of a gamified course

Wrap Up and Q & A

Presented by...

Dr. Diana Dell
Dr. Diana Dell
Educational Technology Consultant
SqoolTechs, LLC

Dr. Diana Dell is an instructional technologist with more than 30 years experience in K -12 education. Her background encompasses K-12 teaching, staff development, instructional support, educational web publishing, and research in student engagement, collaboration, and instructional models for digital learners using Moodle. Dr. Dell currently works as an educational technology consultant for SqoolTechs, LLC, a company she founded with a team of educators. The mission of the SqoolTechs team is reflected in the acronym “Sqool” that stands for “supporting quality online opportunities for learning.” She provides instructional support and professional development to more than 200 schools using Moodle.


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