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Course Design with Sharing in Mind

Instructional design
Sharing courses is becoming easier and easier, but how can you develop courses in a way that will allow for updates to be made without people having to continually having to download the new version? How can you utilize the community of users to make their content a part of the course? 

You will also learn about the steps that the MN Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum, a K12 group consisting of almost 200 school districts and organizations, has taken to host content in a way that makes it available to its members and beyond. This is a low cost solution that provides high-quality digital resources to help meet the needs of all learners.

This presentation will cover course design in Moodle that will facilitate for sharing, course updates and work well in other systems if people aren't lucky enough to be using Moodle.

I. Introduction 

A. Why? and the creation of the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum

B. Troubleshooting potential barriers.

II. Tools

A. Moodle and specific modules that work well for this type of course sharing.

B. Google Drive embedded objects.

III. Sharing

A. Courses

B. Feedback

IV. Course updates and revisions

V. Questions

Presented by...

Jon Fila
Personalized Learning Facilitator - Innovation Coach
Intermediate District 287
Jon Fila is a Personalized Learning Facilitator; Innovation Coach; Teacher & Moodle Strategist. He presents around the country on the topics of digital delivery, using open educational resources (OER) and curriculum development. He is the content writer and curator for the MN Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum and the co-creator and admin of MoodleShare where he develops and shares educational materials.


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