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Friendly, Open Learning Spaces

Instructional design

What is a pecha kucha?

Engage all of your learners with an environment that is friendly and open! Use materials and resources that are accessible--and learn about what accessibility means beyond just ADA compliance. We'll discuss:

  • what it means to be an accessible environment
  • what it means to have a friendly learning environment
  • best practices of using Moodle, cloud-based systems, and Web tools within the confines of ADA
  • reducing the amount of proprietary software that students are required to purchase
  • reducing the number of files students must download
  • using multimedia that's truly accessible and friendly
  • streamlining content to ensure ease-of-use
  • using visuals appropriately
A number of resources will be shared during this presentation, including great multimedia sites that work well in Moodle.

Presented by...

Shaelynn Long-Kish
Instructional Designer
Mid Michigan Community College

Shaelynn is an Instructional Designer at Mid Michigan Community College, housed in the Distance Learning, Multimedia, and Instructional Design (DLmid) department. There, she focuses on providing quality customer service to faculty, staff, and students; facilitating a teaching online credentialing cohort for faculty interested in knowing more about online education; and assisting institutional community members with using Moodle in dynamic and engaging ways. She is also an adjunct faculty member and teaches English courses at the college. In her spare time, Shaelynn writes fiction and creative nonfiction.


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Shaelynn Long-Kish
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Instructional Designer
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