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Building Beautiful Courses

Instructional design

A beautiful Moodle course is visually enhanced for navigation, accessibility, and engagement. A course that's nice to look at without any substance doesn't make a great course; a course that uses visuals to dynamically enhance the course in a myriad of ways has the potential to be a great course.

So come and talk to us about making courses "beautiful!"

  • modern web design
  • color scheming/theory
  • accessibility considerations when utilizing visual elements
  • multimedia - where to find it, how to ethically share it, & how to add it properly
  • designing with mobile devices in mind
  • instructional design influence

We'll also talk about how using layouts, lessons, blocks, and books can be instrumental in helping you to create an attractive, dynamic learning space.

Presented by...

Shaelynn Long-Kish
Instructional Designer
Mid Michigan Community College

Shaelynn is an Instructional Designer at Mid Michigan Community College, housed in the Distance Learning, Multimedia, and Instructional Design (DLmid) department. There, she focuses on providing quality customer service to faculty, staff, and students; facilitating a teaching online credentialing cohort for faculty interested in knowing more about online education; helping with formal master course developments alongside content experts; and assisting institutional community members with using Moodle in dynamic and engaging ways. She is also an adjunct faculty member and teaches English courses at the college. In her spare time, Shaelynn writes fiction and creative nonfiction.


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