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What’s Your HTTPS Grade? A Case Study of HTTPS/SSL at Mid Michigan Community College

  • Why is SSL important?
    • Users reuse passwords across sites outside of your institution
    • Why have SSL enabled on Moodle? Don't let Moodle be your weakest link.
  • Just having SSL isn't enough -- what's your grade?
    • Qualys SSL tool
  • Overview of recent SSL vulnerabilities (POODLE, Heartbleed, etc.)
  • Sample configuration for protecting against these vulnerabilities
    • Apache
    • Nginx
  • Dealing with the complexity of multiple web applications and certificates
    • Pros & Cons of wildcard certificates
    • Load balancers
      • Nginx, HAProxy
      • How to protect Tomcat, IIS and various embedded web servers
      • SSL termination
  • Challenges
    • Supporting older browsers
    • Embedding content from insecure sites
    • Hint at other system/security concerns

Presented by...

Brandon Kish
Director of Programming
Mid Michigan Community College

Brandon Kish is the Director of Programming at Mid Michigan Community College. After a brief stint supporting Blackboard at a large institution, Brandon is excited to be back in the Moodle open source community and hopes to help Moodle continue to a grow amongst higher ed institutions.


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Brandon Kish
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