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Using Moodle Badges to Track Course Completion

Instructional design

In this workshop, learners will create badges in their Moodle course and use the badges to track the successful completion of course objectives. Learners can expect to learn the following;

  • How to create badges to be awarded automatically and manually;
  • How to assign badges automatically upon completion of specific course objectives;
  • How to assign badges manually;
  • How to structure a course to leverage badges as a tool to measure objective completion;
  • A look at current research and implementation;
  • How badges can support and complement elements of gamification in course design.

Detailed Outline:

I.                    Introduction to Badges

A.      Definition

B.      Elements

C.      How Issued and Displayed

D.      External Connections

                                                               i.      OpenBadges

                                                             ii.      Backpacks

II.                  Applications of Badges

A.      Incentivized Programs

B.      Recognition (internal)

C.      Alternative Credentials (external)

III.                Pros and Cons

A.      Badges and motivation

B.      Relevance

IV.                Readiness Questions

A.      Identifying the Purpose of Badges

B.      Launching Badges

C.      Maintaining the Integrity of Your Brand

D.      Promotion and Regulation

V.                  Badges in Action

A.      CS2N (MAGIC)

B.      What does Research Suggest?

VI.                The Mechanics of Badges (hands on)

A.      Determining Outcoms

B.      Creating Badges

C.      Assigning Badges

D.      Course Design with Badges in Mind

Presented by...

Martin LaGrow
Senior Academic Consultant

As an academic consultant, Martin LaGrow is involved with all aspects of online education for various institutions across the US. His course design work includes developing the first fully online holistic nursing program for Immaculata University and contributing to courses across multiple programs for the University of Northwestern-Saint Paul. He has contributed to online readiness assessments for schools from the Harvard School of Public Health to Guam Community College, and provided administrative support to schools such as Antioch University and Belmont Abbey College.  LaGrow resides in Kaukauna, Wisconsin with his wife and five children and is presently pursuing his EDD in Instructional Technology and Distance Education with a focus on learning trends including connectivism, OER’s, badges, and gamification.


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