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A Balanced Approach: How to Direct Your Moodle Traffic


  • Overview of Mid Michigan Community College’s current load balanced environment
  • Live demonstration of setting up the environment from scratch in a virtualized environment(s)
    • Dependencies/Assumptions/Starting Point
      • One server Moodle setup
      • Other Ubuntu servers running with some packages pre-installed
      • Configuration in Git
      • Importance of having a test environment
    • Separate database server(s)
    • Multiple app servers
      • Shared content with NFS
      • Cron on only 1 server!
      • Backup/worker node
    • Load balancing with HAProxy
      • Setting up shared IP
      • SSL termination
      • Hardening SSL
      • Redundancy
      • Adding HAProxy node(s)
    • HAProxy’s statistics page
      • Information
      • Use the admin page for testing backups
  • Q&A

Presented by...

Matt Rice
Web Technologies Programmer
Mid Michigan Community College

Matt Rice is the Web Technologies Programmer at Mid Michigan Community College, based in rural central Michigan. He has a B.S. in Mathematics/Computer Science and has been programming professionally for over 10 years. Working as the Moodle administrator for MMCC, Matt has coordinated everything from servers to students, including performing the first ever institutional upgrade to Moodle from v1.9 to v2.6 (and now v2.8).

"I like to think that the small size of my institution encourages creative solutions to problems, as throwing funding at an issue is rarely a palatable solution."


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Matt Rice
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