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Not a statistic, but belonging to a community

University and Further Ed

Distance educationarrow-10x10.png students are assumed to be at a high risk of dropping out of their studies. Factors such as  feelings of isolation from families, internal and external deployment and distance educationarrow-10x10.png study mode, contribute to high percentage of military personnel studying at a South African military higher educationarrow-10x10.png institution to withdraw, postpone or drop out of their studies after few months of enrollingarrow-10x10.png two to three modules in a semester. 

This pilot study reports on the extent to which the use of a Blog on the Learning Management Systemarrow-10x10.png (Moodle) can be used to provide students with reflective opportunitiesarrow-10x10.png.  Residential and distance education students in one module completed a questionnaire and interviews were conducted with a focus grouparrow-10x10.png. Findings reveal that peer feedback provided through a blog, provides students with critical reflective opportunitiesarrow-10x10.png, particularly that residential and distance education students interact activelyarrow-10x10.png and become masters of their own learning process.In addition, distance education students experience a sense of belonging.     

Presented by...

Bontle and Mhaka
Mhakamuni Khoza and Bontle Monnanyane
Blended Learning Coordinator (Instructional designer)
Stellenbosch University

Bontle is a lecturer in the Department of Military Managementarrow-10x10.png, lecturing first and second year students. She is a study leader for Hons students. She is the Chair of Department of Military Managementarrow-10x10.png.  

Mhaka is a Blendedarrow-10x10.png Learning Coordinator at the Faculty of Military Science, Military Academy, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She is the Head of Department of Educationalarrow-10x10.png Technologyarrow-10x10.png



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