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Content Management, Not Content Micromanagement

University and Further Ed

Within the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota, we've developed a new tool for digital asset management and learning asset management called Elevator.  Elevator is an open source, cloud-based platform for storing any type of digital asset, with rich metadata curation and easy discovery.

We've chosen to challenge some of the commonly held beliefs around digital asset management tools.  We allow users to mix and match varied metadata schemas, ranging from very simple to very complex.  We accept any type of digital asset - even proprietary formats.  And the system is designed to scale from a single user with a small collection of files to entire longterm archives.  Finally, we've built a Moodle plugin for Elevator, allowing Elevator to act as an easy repository for media, documents, and scorm objects.  

This session will include an overview of the evaluation process that lead to the creation of our own content repository, the requirements we sought to satisfy, and some discussion of the development process.  The session will also include a demonstration of the tool and information about how others can get involved in the open source development.

Presented by...

Colin McFadden
Graduate Fellow
University of Minnesota / Liberal Arts Technologies and Innovation Services

Colin McFadden is a software developer from St. Paul, Minnesota.  He has worked on academic technology for more than a decade, focusing on making it easier for students and faculty to use emerging technologies to engage in richer, more compelling educational experiences.  His work at the University of Minnesota includes the development of a University-wide media hosting and transcoding platform, a cloud-based clicker alternative, and a variety of other tools.  He also develops commercial tools for media handling through his work at Divergent Media, Inc, a California-based Mac software company.  


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