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de Souza Institute – eLearning and Evaluation Excellence in Healthcare


With the increasing incidence of cancer and advances made to screen for and treat these diseases, demand for health professionals with specialized cancer knowledge is imperative. Health professionals, whether in a cancer centre, general hospital or community setting, require expert critical thinking, problem solving and decision making abilities to provide quality care for cancer patients and their families.

de Souza Institute, an Ontario, Canada based oncology education centre, incorporates innovative teaching and learning modalities and theories into their curricula to engage adult learners from all areas of the country.  Learner access via an eLearning system based on Moodle facilitates valuable classroom interactions between the educator and learners, and implementation in a large, diverse geographical area. Uptake has been impressive, with over 6300 adult learners engaging in at least one of the 30 courses, with many returning learners. Results indicate a high level of satisfaction in online learning and ease of use.

The presentation will showcase how de Souza Institute achieved its results, including demos of its Moodle eLearning platform and course structures. The de Souza designation and learner pathway will be discussed along with the stringent evaluation measures used to evaluate eLearning impact, determine if course objectives are met and to recognize course strengths and areas for improvements.

Presented by...

Mathew Gancarz
Mathew Gancarz
IT / Operations Manager
de Souza Institute

Mathew Gancarz leads the Information Technology (IT) Operations at de Souza Institute where he manages the technology platforms, with a focus on developing the eLearning platform (LMS-Moodle). Part of his responsibilities include managing the course development team composed of instructional designers and multimedia developers, that make de Souza Institute's courses an engaging experience for learners. Additionally, Mathew is also responsible for identifying, designing, implementing innovative technology and business solutions for the oncology and palliative care health professional community.

In the last few years, Mathew has focused on making de Souza courses available on all platforms and beginning the team's switch to HTML5 development.


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