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Show Them First, Before Telling Them - Use of a Features Course to Internally Market Moodle


At the start, attendees have a chance to share what they are doing to internally market their Moodle capabilities.  The information will be summarized back to attendees as a take-away at the end of the presentation. 

You have heard that: "a picture is worth a 1,000 words" or "that seeing is believing".  In our short time time together, I plan to convince you that these quotes are true with respect to internally marketing Moodle to your instructors and decision makers.

What is a Features Course? - Simply, it is a course created in Moodle, to showcase new capabilities and display working examples, of the wide variety of different features possible.

You will learn:

  • What research says about seeing and interacting with material instead of just hearing about it
  • Benefits of a Features course
  • History of the Feature course use at the University of MN
  • Break down the Features course annual update process
  • Future plans to evolve the course to showcase pedagogy best practices in the areas of lessons, assignments and course design  
View highlights of the Features course

Share back the results of the introductory exercise to highlight what others are doing to internally market their Moodle capabilities.

Question and Answer

Presented by...

Jeff Weber
Analyst, Academic Technology Tools Team
University of Minnesota
  • I'm a newbie to Academic Technology - just 6 months into my career at the University of Minnesota. 
  • However, I bring with me over 30 years experience in working with software in the private sector as analyst, manager and most recently scrum master.  
  • I'm enjoying the opportunity to discover new things in the dynamic field of Academic Technology.  While at the same time, I'm comforted to realize that the basics of software effectiveness apply to Academic Technology too.  To be useful, applications must be: reliable, flexible, easy to use and relevant. 
  • I look forward to meeting you


User account:
Jeff Weber
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Presentation slides: Powerpoint presentation ShowThem.pptx
Slides visiblity: Make my slides public
Your educational sector: College/University
Roles in which you usually use Moodle: Moodle Administrator
T-shirt: Mens - XL
Type of presentation: Innovative development (30 min)
Relevant to audience from which sectors: K-12
Workplace (Corporate, Govt.)
Armed Forces
Relevant to audience in which roles: Teacher
Moodle Administrator
Instructional Designer
Course needed: No
Permission: I give permission for my photo, slides and recording to be published in relation to this presentation.
Committment: Should my proposed presentation be accepted, I commit to attend the MoodleMoot to present it.
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