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Moodle + Course Readings + Library = Student Success

University and Further Ed

This session brings together three projects -- spanning five years -- all focused on increasing student success factors and working to get valuable library materials into the courseflow of students and faculty and instructors at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

  • In 2010, we developed a system to create a Library Course Page for every course on campus (6000+) thereby giving students and faculty course-specific library databases, resources and course readings automatically into each Moodle course through a block. The system was created with open source software, called LibData, which mapped course designators to library content to make it ubiquitous. In addition, we can add customized content to support our library instruction efforts as needed.
  • In 2011, we did a deep data dive and correlated library use (e.g. circulation data, online resource usage records, workstation login data, workshop registrations, and more) to student success factors.
  • In 2014, we worked to make the course readings process simpler and more streamlined in Moodle including that ability to use royalty-based readings when necessary with the ultimate goals of saving students money. We used open-source software called Reserves Direct to manage this process.

In this session, learn about these projects, how they built on and informed the next and our future plans for providing students and faculty, library content and academic research support one course at a time.

Presented by...

Kate Peterson & Shane Nackerud
Librarian & Technology Lead, Libraries Initiatives
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Kate Peterson

Kate Peterson is the Undergraduate Services librarian at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She works with the Writing Studies department including teaching new students about the Libraries through Orientation and the First Year Writing courses. She previously worked at California State University--Long Beach, St. Cloud State University and Capella University. 

Shane Nackerud

Shane Nackerud has worked at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities since 1998, first as the Libraries webmaster, then as the Director of Web Development, and currently as Technology Lead for Libraries Initiatives. In his current position, Shane is working on finding new ways of integrating open access and library content into courses and curricula, as well as investigating new publishing and content creation models. Shane's research interests include library use assessment, libraries and e-learning, resource integration, academic publishing, and web design. Shane received a B.A in history from Augustana College in 1994 and his MLS from Indiana University in 1995.


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