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Using Moodle Workshop to Do Peer Evaluation of Teamwork: A Case Study


You’ve seen it on the forums.  Workshop can be used to have team members evaluate each other on their contributions to the team.  But how exactly do you get workshop to do that?  See how it was done in biology courses at the University of Minnesota, from setting it up and running it to calculating grades.  Hear the problems we found along the way and the final results.  Will we use it again?  Come and find out.

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Picture of Kalli Binkowski
Kalli-Ann Binkowski
Academic Technology Coordinator, College of Biological Sciences
University of Minnesota

Kalli-Ann Binkowski is an Academic Technology Coordinator in the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota.  She taught high school sciences for 18 years, incorporating technology into her daily lessons through Moodle, flipping, and 1-to-1 technology.  She brings her extensive educational background to the Research and Learning Technologies department, helping faculty incorporate existing and emerging technologies into their teaching. 


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