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Enabling one computer per student using Moodle


Since 2 years, we are using one laptop per student for our 17-18 year old students in classroom activities. For this blended learning process we make a lot of use of Moodle. 

We have a "bring your own device" approach for this project, where students bring their own personally owned laptop. Ubuntu Laptops can be bought at school or students can bring another Linux flavour, a Windows or a Mac from else where. 

I would like to bring the story of how we came to starting this project, share our ups and downs, the roll Moodle plays in this and where we are going to.

Presented by...

Koen Roggemans
Koen Roggemans
IT-manager, teacher

Koen Roggemans is teacher and IT coordinator at Sint-Ritacollege. He started using Moodle in 2003, took on the Dutch translation and is since 2004 Moodle Translation Coordinator.

Always running on tight budgets and looking out for more freedom, he discovered the open source world through Moodle. Ever since, he is an open source evangelist. Nearly the whole college runs on open source software by now.


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