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A Custom Forum Participation Report


Managing forums effectively and efficiently is a problem for many instructors. Who has posted? Were they on-time? How many posts have they made? Per forum? Per week? The information is all there but in many different locations. Our instructors were clamoring for a tool that pulls all this information together into one simple report.

In this presentation, I will demonstrate how to use the “Configurable Reports” block plugin to create a Forum Participation Report for teachers to use in their courses.

The report lists each student in the course, whether or not they made an initial post, the date and time of the initial post, number of replies to peers, total number of posts, and grades (if any).

The student’s name links to a page with all of that student’s posts in this specific discussion forum, and if you want to grade a post, you can do so on that same page.

I will show how to set up the SQL Query for your initial report, and how to duplicate it to create reports for the other forums in your course.

Prior experience with HTML, Php and SQL is helpful but not required. I will do a very basic introduction to SQL language to facilitate comprehension of the query for this Forum Report. The query itself will eventually be contributed to the community Ad Hoc Reports for everyone to access freely.

The Configurable Reports plugin has many other capabilities that do not require any coding at all, and I will briefly show how to use those features as well.

Presented by...

Sarah Ashley
Sarah Ashley
Instructional Designer
Rutgers University (Rutgers Biomedical & Health Sciences)

Sarah is an Instructional Designer with the Office of Instructional Technology & eLearning Solutions (ITeS) at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, specifically the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS, formerly UMDNJ - University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey) campus in Newark.

At Rutgers, Sarah provides Moodle support and training as well as instructional design consultation for faculty in all schools; collaborates with programmers to develop custom modules to extend functionality of Moodle according to discipline-specific needs.

Prior to this position, Sarah was the Instructional Technology Specialist at Drew University until February 2012, which is where she first learned about Moodle during Drew's LMS Search in 2007. She helped establish Moodle as the primary LMS for Drew, shaping the platform with relevant plugins for teaching and learning.


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