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Developing Gamification (Function & Instruction) within Moodle

Instructional design

In 2014, a team from DELTA (Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications) at NC State University set out to use Gamification in course development. The plan was to harness Moodle's flexibility and multiple libraries to build in core gamification elements that Moodle was missing.

Using a new module, block, filter, activity completion, conditional activities API, events API and other extendable components, we were able to build a configurable and fun 'Gamification Plugin' that allows the instructor to create objectives, rewards, point sets, leaderboards and achievements.

Presentation Objectives

This presentation will explore DELTA's journey into gamification within Moodle. 

  • Why did we choose to gamify?
  • How did we define gamification?
  • Gamification within Moodle.
  • Results of some of our first 'gamified' courses.

Gamification Plugin’s Features

  • Create gamification objectives:
    • Activity completion
    • Obtain a specific value in a point set
    • Trigger a defined Moodle event
    • Complete a META of gamification objectives

  • Create rewards to be delivered when the student meets an objective:
    • Unlock an activity or topic
    • Award points to a point set
    • Deliver a file to the student via the backpack
    • Reward the student with an achievement
    • Filter content - a great way to evolve content or displays

  • Configurable Gamification Block:
    • Create leaderboards from point sets
    • Display the backpack of files given to the student
    • Show student achievements

Gamification Plugin's Acknowledgements

Career Exploration through Gamification

Our first course, launched in Fall 2014, allowed students to role play a character while working through activities and gaining skill points toward a dream career. The goal was to create higher engagement and understanding of sport careers and the wide range of opportunities in this field.

2014 Reimagine Education: 3rd Place in Enterprise Category: Website

Our career exploration course was nominated for the 'Reimagine Education' award where we presented the Gamification Plugin in the enterprise category.

2015 ELI Annual Meeting

We presented at ELI using an interactive and gamified course, encouraging the audience to participate using gamification elements in the course.

Presented by...

Stephen Bader
Stephen Bader
PHP Web Developer / Moodle Lead
NC State University - DELTA

Steve Bader graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Computer Programming. During his course of study he began using and became proficient in Web Application Development using Microsoft's .Net Framework, joining the DotNetNuke open source community.

After four years of programming with the DotNetNuke community, Steve moved toward LAMP stack development for five years working as a project leader in the private sector. Steve returned back to his Alma Mater as a Business & Technology Application Specialist where he maintains and improves software used for learning.

Steve has focused his efforts, for more than a year, in creating the Gamification Module used inside of Moodle, to help enrich the learning experience of students. Four courses currently are piloting The Gamification Module and general availability is expected in the Fall.


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