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Making Homework Work: Using Moodle Quizzes to Make an Interactive Homework System


Homework is sometimes viewed as a necessary evil in education. It is necessary because students need additional practice beyond the time during the school day. However, there have been many expressions of the failings of homework, most notably by Alfie Kohn.

This presentation will discuss a wide variety of components necessary to making homework an effective tool to promote student learning. Using Moodle quizzes as the backbone (along with progress bars and forums), students can have a productive homework experience that solves many of the identified issues with homework. The presentation will focus on my experience teaching chemistry in an American high school but will be relevant to anyone who uses practice style homework.

Presented by...

Joshua Bragg
Joshua Bragg
Chemistry Teacher/Moodle Admin
RJ Reynolds High School

Joshua Bragg has been teaching high school chemistry since 2006 and has been using Moodle since 2009.  In addition to teaching full time, he is the school's Moodle systems administrator and trainer.  Joshua is also a Particularly Helpful Moodler on


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Joshua Bragg
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