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CLEAN Course Design

Instructional design

Pecha Kutcha presentation style

CLEAN Course Design (slide titles)

Overview of campus environment

Reactions to Moodle Sites

Inspirations - Frank Chimero, David Carr

How it started...

What is CLEAN design?


Course Makeover - Before and After

Click and Learn

CLEAN Design Demo

Elements - Declutter, Add Layers, Sweep it Under the Rug, Not Lying; Not Telling the Whole Truth

Campaigning for CLEAN

CLEANing House


Presented by...

Image of Christy Mattingly
Christy Mattingly
Academic Liaison for Computing
Augsburg College
Former middle school computer teacher at a private school for gifted children turned corporate IT trainer for legal and healthcare industries. Returned to Academia after a short stint as an ISP system administrator and is now living the dream. Adjunct faculty for one hybrid course delivered with Moodle. Avid daily reader of the Internet, over coffee. Single-mother of two girls, one of which plays MineCraft, programs in Scratch and AppInventor and takes apart cell phones to make mini-robots. Currently enrolled in a Master of Arts in Leadership program because the world should be different.


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Christy Mattingly
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Your educational sector: College/University
Roles in which you usually use Moodle: Moodle Administrator
Instructional Designer
T-shirt: Ladies - S
Type of presentation: Demonstration / How-to (30 or 45 min)
Relevant to audience from which sectors: College/University
Relevant to audience in which roles: Teacher
Instructional Designer
Course needed: No
Permission: I give permission for my photo, slides and recording to be published in relation to this presentation.
Committment: Should my proposed presentation be accepted, I commit to attend the MoodleMoot to present it.
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