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Integrating Moodle with a SIS to Enhance Standards Communication with Parents

This session gives an overview of how Bismarck Public School District has integrated Moodle with our Student Information System (SIS) to enhance communication of course learning outcomes/standards to parents. Moodle provides collaborative workspaces for all content teachers to work on the course prioritized standards. With the simple use of the glossary activity, the teachers work collaboratively to deconstruct standards into “I can…statements” with a proficiency scale. With the use of CSS and JQUERY the work of the teachers is shared with parents in the SIS Parent Portal.

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Dave Sherwin, Mike Gerszewski and Pat Phillips
Technology Dept
Bismarck Public School District

Bismarck Public Schools started using Moodle in 2008 to support teacher Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in the prioritization and deconstruction of content standards. The District currently hosts two Moodle sites PLC Moodle which is for staff and school PLCs and Student Moodle for student access. Student Moodle was created in 2010 to support staff in the development of subject-like Master Courses curriculum that district teachers can use with their students.

  • Michael Gerszewski - District Moodle Administrator/Engineer
  • Pat Phillips - District Moodle Teacher Instructional Trainer
  • Dave Sherwin - District Moodle Instructional Developer


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