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Structuring Interaction and Differentiation in a 1-1 Device Middle School with Moodle

  1. Background(whole group - 10 min):
    1. Why Moodle?
    2. Background on school and program
    3. Implementation best practices in a 1:1
  2. Introduction to Examples of Implementation at Ramsey (whole group - 30 min)
    1. Digital Badging
    2. Databases
    3. Differentiation and tiering with groupings
    4. Student generated screencasts for peer learning
    5. Peer assessment using forum ratings
    6. Self paced courses and conditional release
    7. Flipped science labs
    8. Moodle app and audio recordings in music classes
  3. Workshop (split groups, differentiated by interest - 30 min)
    1. Participants relocate based on application of interest
    2. Watch screencast of video demonstrating how to recreate examples
    3. Participants create their own activities based on screencasts on Moodle and can collaborate with peers and get expert help
  4. Debrief, Q and A (20 min)
    1. Share initial ideas and reflections using moodle chat, crowdsource tips from audience
    2. Discussion, ideas, Q and A

Presented by...

Matt Vernon & Kara Cisco
DPF Blended Learning - Ramsey MS
Minneapolis Public Schools - Ramsey MS

Kara Cisco serves as the technology integration specialist at Ramsey Middle School, a 1:1 iPad school located in Southwest Minneapolis. She coaches all building teachers to integrate Moodle into their classes in a way that facilitates deeper learning, greater differentiation and more student interactivity. In addition, she teaches 6th Minnesota Studies at Ramsey and uses Moodle every day.

Matt Vernon is a Program Facilitator for Blended Learning with the Minneapolis Public Schools. He assist teachers, schools and the district in the development of blended programs and use of digital tools. He has served as Moodle admin since 2005 coordinating and facilitating the use of Moodle for online and blended programs.


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