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Learner Management, Analytics & Communications with SugarCRM


CourseCRM is a set of installable modules that allow any version of SugarCRM to be tightly integrated with Moodle's user database and gradebook.

By automatically passing learner activity, gradebook and profile data from Moodle to the SugarCRM system, a number of analytical, reporting and communications capabilities are realised.

This 30 minute presentation will show how SugarCRM may be used to:

- Communicate with Moodle
- Report on learner access, grade scores and other course completion statistics
- Analyse course access data across the whole Moodle installation
- Enable a student support portal with readily available 'ticket' information
- Centralise the storage of Moodle learner profile data to facilitate better record keeping
- Enable a Moodle-wide email system with audit trail
- Send mass learner email communications
- Manage newsletters and other marketing campaigns
- Create automated workflows triggered by changes to Moodle data
- Extend the CRM solution through additional 3rd party plugins

SugarCRM is the world's third most popular CRM with both open source and paid-for versions.  By combining SugarCRM with Moodle LMS, it is possible to create a highly sophisticated and feature rich business management system suitable for small organisations yet that is scalable enough to meet the needs of medium and large users too.

Presented by...

Martin Broughton
Martin Broughton
Sales & Business Development Manager
Course Merchant

Martin Broughton is the Sales and Business Development Manager for Course Merchant, he oversees all the sales and marketing for the Company with clients located all across the US, Canada and EMEA. Martin has worked in sales and marketing for the last 12 years and has been involved in the training and education sector for 6 years.


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Martin Broughton
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