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Models of Flipped Learning and How They Work with Moodle


This presentation will focus on the flipped classroom and how Byron High School has implemented flipped learning.  Discussed will be the three types of flipping that has been implemented including the traditional flip, Peer Instruction Flipped Learning model and the Mastery Flipped Learning model, data showing how flipped learning has improved learning and advantages of using flipped learning.  Also discussed will be the implementation of the Peer Instruction Flipped Learning model in a college statistics course.

Presented by...

Troy Faulkner
Mathematics Teacher
Byron High School

Troy Faulkner has been teaching mathematics since 1990 at the high school and college level.  Since 2010, he has been flipping his classroom, and has adapted to include peer-instruction since 2012.  He has had numerous national and international articles published about flipped learning and developing a textbook free curriculum, including a chapter of a book about Peer Instruction Flipped Learning model that he co-authored with a colleague.  His heart for helping students learn and improving the learning process allowed he and his department to receive the Intel School of Distinction Award for High School Mathematics.


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Troy Faulkner
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