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Moodle Site Administration - Getting Started


Designed for new Moodle administrators, or existing Moodle administrators that would like a refresher course.

Participants will
  • get an updated version of a Moodle Site Administration packet,
  • learn about several settings Moodle Admins should know.
This session will cover several Moodle features that are most useful to Moodle Administrators. We will go over the options and locations of each feature discussed during the session.  Features we will focus on will either help with administrator efficiency or allow for easy customization of the individual Moodle site.

Presented by...

Melinda Waffle
Educational Technology Consultant
Calhoun Intermediate School District

Melinda Waffle has served in the role of Educational Technology Consultant at Calhoun Intermediate School District for 5 years in Michigan, where she has spent much time training local teachers in how to integrate web tools and devices into their classrooms. She also has taken leadership roles with REMC (co-creating and managing the Blended Learning in the Classroom Project for the entire state) and MACUL (which puts on the largest educational conference in Michigan).

Before moving into a role at the county level, she filled the role of technology coordinator at a local school district, working with teachers as the district implemented a 1-1 initiative. Prior to focusing on Ed Tech Integration, Melinda taught math, health and computers at the high school level.


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Melinda Waffle
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Moodle Administrator
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Relevant to audience in which roles: Moodle Administrator
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