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Guiding Learning in Credit Recovery through Conditional Release


The Montana Digital Academy is re-envisioning learning pathways for High School Credit Recovery Students using Conditional Release in Moodle. 

The Montana Digital Academy credit recovery program is available to Montana students that have previously attempted a course in a face-to-face environment and were not successful. The MTDA credit recovery environment is set up to be more flexible than a traditional environment to give students a maximum opportunity for success.

Conditional Release within Moodle is a key component to adding flexibility in these courses. Conditional Release is an often talked about feature, but if you are interested in seeing a program built from the ground up around this feature, this is the session for you! 

In this session the following will be presented:

  • an overview of why a Credit Recovery program is a natural fit with conditional release
  • the logic tree necessary to build a course/program around conditional release
  • current limitations of conditional release to consider 
  • a look behind the scenes of a fully created course using conditional release
  • 3rd party plugins that make conditional release even better

Presented by...

Mike Agostinelli
Instructional Program Manager
Montana Digital Academy

Mike is currently the Instructional Manager for the Montana Digital Academy, Montana's state virtual school. Teaching Elementary and Middle school, technology directing, grant writing, presenting, and now managing instruction at Montana's virtual school has given Mike a wide range of experiences in the educational field. Being able to teach and lead technology integration has brought a great pedagogic balance to Mike’s facilitation/instruction. With degrees from Carroll College (Elementary Education), Boise State University (Educational Technology), and pursuing an Ed. S. in Educational Leadership from the University of Montana, Mike is well versed in both content and technology integration. Mike has been honored as an Outstanding Teacher by the Helena Education Foundation and winner of the ISTE “Making IT Happen” award. 


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