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Team based learning and in class quizzing - implementing active learning


  • Discussion of the benefits of active learning in classrooms as well as the use of more online activities to engage students in and outside of the classroom
  • Discussion of team based learning and individual based learning done by the medical school here at the UW
  • Presentation of the active quiz module written by Academic Technology here at the UW
  • Demo walk through of the active quiz module for audience members to participate in a quiz.
    •   Active quiz is a publicly available module on the Moodle plugins directory ( and can be used by anyone in the Moodle community.
    • This module is responsive and will work on a variety of mobile devices.  The only limitation is that it will not work on devices running IE 9 and below.
  • Presentation on how the activity was used in class and how students felt they learned using this module vs using another student response system like iclickers
  • Questions

Presented by...

John Hoopes
University of Wisconsin - Madison

John Hoopes is a Moodle developer for the University of Wisconsin - Madison and has been so for the past 2 years.  Before that, he has worked on custom web applications and databases.  He spends his free time helping to maintain the Active Quiz module, as well as learning new languages and developing other projects.


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John Hoopes
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Instructional Designer
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Committment: Should my proposed presentation be accepted, I commit to attend the MoodleMoot to present it.
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