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Applying UX strategies to online student experience

Instructional design

This session will provide an overview of what UX (user experience) is as a field and how/why the School of Public Health is applying its principles and strategies to an online student resource Moodle site that is currently in development.

Sara will talk about the evolution of student support at SPH that led to this initiative. Starting with a framework of user experience helped her show that assumptions being made about how our students use technology were getting in the way of providing students with the services and information they needed. She will share the how this process changed our approach over time.

Presented by...

Sara building a snowman
Sara Hurley
director of e-learning
School of Public Health | University of Minnesota

Sara Hurley, MFA, PhD, is the director of e-learning services at the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota. 

She is an oddball extrovert in the introverted academic world, and loves to bring people together because we're stronger together than alone. She is the cofounder and current director of MinneWebCon and started the E-Learning Network at UMN, which is a forum for knowledge sharing.


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Sara Hurley
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