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Managing LTI apps in a CASA (Community App Sharing Architecture) App Store that lives inside of your MOODLE !


Imagine if faculty had thousands of peer-curated learning tools right at their fingertips, sourced from a vast ecosystem of vendors, universities, and other developers, capable of being added into their course site without any development or system admin work. CASA, which stands for Community App Sharing Architecture, is a new IMS Global App Store standard that enables and empowers the learning eco-system to crowdsource the best learning apps. Today, via networks enabled by CASA on Rails, (an implementation of CASA created by UCLA) with integration via LTI, this is possible.

During this session, learn how to...

  1. Leverage the CASA network and become part of a global community of app producers and consumers
  2. Add tools seamlessly from CASA into the LMS with LTI Content-Item
  3. Share not just tools, but content and learning resources across CASA

Presented by...

Nick Thompson
IT Manager


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Nick Thompson
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