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Creating On-Demand Learning with Moodle


Leveraging the latest personalized learning methodologies available in Moodle, this session will focus on creating embedded professional development. Creating an ondemand, anytime, anywhere instructional design approach is a powerful way to allow teachers and workplace employees demonstrate competency in their learning outcomes. The session will focus on how to successfully use self-completion, automated feedback, badging, certificates, and all done in the Snap theme.

Presented by...

Dan Froelich
Dan Froelich
SysAdmin/ Instructional Designer
DreamBox Learning

As a lifelong amateur hacker, my career has meandered down a path of education and the application of technology to K-12 education. Over the years, I have experienced life in the classroom, life  behind the scences as director of professional development, instructional designer for the second largest virtual education program, North Carolina Virtual Public Schools, as an IT solutions engineer, and most recently LMS administrator and professional development implementation designer for DreamBox Learning, a K-8 intelligent and adaptive math program for students.

When not figuring out how to ignore inserting Tab A into Slot B, I'm usually somewhere trying to create new ways to fit the pieces together, and since 2008 that has been with Moodle. 

Fun facts: I'm a PC gamer, a Scoutmaster & Eagle Scout, and Scuba Diver. 


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Dan Froelich
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Your educational sector: K-12
Roles in which you usually use Moodle: Teacher
Moodle Administrator
Instructional Designer
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Type of presentation: Demonstration / How-to (30 or 45 min)
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Workplace (Corporate, Govt.)
Relevant to audience in which roles: Teacher
Moodle Administrator
Instructional Designer
Course needed: Yes
Permission: I give permission for my photo, slides and recording to be published in relation to this presentation.
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