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Investigating using large scale cloud computing to host Moodle


Large scale cloud computing can provide the architecture for Moodle to achieve high performance, scalability, high availability, security and reliability. But, it also has its challenges. This presentation will cover Idaho State University’s investigations of using large scale cloud computing to host Moodle and lessons learned. I will cover running Moodle on multiple load balanced servers, setting up Moodle caching on memcached, autoscaling, and database replication for automatic failover, performance testing, tuning, and monitoring.

Presented by...

Father and Child
Michael Spall
Sr. Instructional Consultant
Idaho State University

Michael Spall is a Senior Technology Consultant at Idaho State University (ISU). He has been a Moodle administrator since 2005. He also works with faculty to implement their course ideas online. He has been a member of the Moodle Gradebook Working Group since April 2014. Before coming to ISU, Michael taught math and computer science in K-12. His background is in math, science, and education.


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Michael Spall
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