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Moodle Performance and Scalability with MUC (R&D)


Modern Moodle brings along the Moodle Universal Cache (MUC), which completely changes the performance profile of Moodle.

This talk will cover the performance characteristics of MUC in v2.7/2.8/v2.9 for large sites under heavy traffic; exploring how server configurations should be tuned Moodle's new behavior; and the benefits of various backends and options vs the default configurations.

Back in the v1.x era Martin Langhoff put significant work in scalability and performance. He has recently been delving into how MUC behaves in server settings under heavy load, this presentation is the result.

Presented by...

Martin Langhoff
VP Special Projects
Remote Learner

Martin is VP of Special Projects at Remote-Learner, covering architecture and engineering of new products. Martin brings over a decade’s experience in the dark arts of tuning and refactoring Moodle for scalability and performance.

Through his contributions to Moodle, git, Fedora, Sugar and other open-source projects, Martin’s influence is unmistakable. Prior to coming onboard with Remote-Learner, Martin served as Chief Technical Officer with One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), responsible for software architecture and hardware development.


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Martín Langhoff
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