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Conditional Activities: Improving Your Courses with Activity Completion Tracking and Selective Content

Instructional design

Conditional activities refers to the combined use of two important course tools in Moodle version 2: activity completion and access restrictions.

This presentation will be in the pecha kucha format of 20 slides at 20 seconds each, and will cover the basics of to enable and use these tools in Moodle and a course, including best practices and practical advice.

Activity completion will allow you to track user activity use, allowing you to see patterns of usage by individual students. Over time, this can greatly inform your ability to improve your course content.

I will also cover how to combine this with Access restrictions to be able to selectively open content and activities in a course individually for each user based on their completion of other activities. You can build complex pathways in courses this way.

I will present some real-life examples of ways this has been used in courses, such as grant Certificates, provide remedial or alternate content, and so forth.

Finally, I will touch on how Activity completion can be used as the basis for other tools, such as Badges and Course Completion.

Presented by...

Randy Thornton
Randy Thornton
Moodle Ronin
Randy Thornton Consulting

Independent Moodle consultant, ex-Moodlerooms employee; system admin, LMS admin, and course designer; former college teacher and academic.

I work with diverse clients in education, not-for-profit, and companies to improve and implement their set-up, integration, management, and design of Moodle and online courses. I have been using Moodle since 2005, and open source online software since 1998.


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