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Using Google's Web Speech API with Moodle for Language Learning

Instructional design

Voice recognition (speech-to-text) and speech synthesis (text-to-speech) are powerful tools which, up until now, were not easily available to educators wishing to design their own computerized speaking activities. Google’s Web Speech API, with voice recognition and speech synthesis, now makes it possible to develop powerful web-based speaking activities within Moodle for language learning purposes. The presenter will demonstrate sample Moodle language learning activities that utilize the Web Speech API. The activities include a computerized speech assessment plugin, a web-based audio recorder, and a voice shadowing activity with speech recognition. The limitations of using the Web Speech API in Moodle activities will also be discussed. This presentation is geared toward course designers and language teachers. The Moodle plugins are currently available at GitHub,, and have been tested with Moodle 2.4 - 2.7.

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Paul Daniels
Kochi University of Technology

Paul Daniels is currently a language professor at Kochi University of Technology in Japan. He began his teaching career 25 years ago in Hawaii and has since been teaching EFL in Japan for more than 20 years. His research involves computer assisted language learning (CALL), English for specific purposes (ESP) and project-based learning (PBL).


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Paul Daniels
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