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Protect the Integrity of Online Exams in Proctored and Non-Proctored Settings

University and Further Ed

This lively session demonstrates how to use a custom browser and webcam with Moodle to prevent cheating during online exams. Learn how you can prevent students from printing, copying, and accessing other applications during proctored quizzes; and how adding webcam and video technology can protect exam integrity in non-proctored settings.

During this session you’ll learn about key challenges with online exams including student identity, accessing unapproved materials during exams, protecting exam content, and proctoring expenses – and hear from other Moodle users about how they’ve addressed these issues.

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Anna Desmond
Sr. Account Manager

Anna Desmond is a Sr. Account Manager with Respondus, Inc. Anna has helped higher ed institutions solve their educational technology challenges for over 15 years.


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