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Meeting the needs of Moodle in Workplace


Every organisation has different needs from a course and learning management system. The flexibility and modularity of Moodle helps meet those needs through the availability of a wide range of plugins developed the community.

This workshop will focus on a selection of common workplace use cases that can be challenging in the standard installation and that are catered for by one or more of the many plugins that are available in the community.

Presented by...

Gavin Henrick
Gavin Henrick
Learning Consultant
Learning Technology Services

Gavin has worked with technology in business, learning and development scenarios over the 12 years. His background includes management and consultancy experience in various sectors, including project management, development management and implementation and support management.

He has worked with Open Source and mainly Moodle for the last eight years - having worked for the leading Moodle Partners Enovation Solutions and Remote-Learner.

Gavin recently published the book “Moodle Add-ons” [1] with Michael de Raadt, Development Manager at Moodle HQ. The book provides advice for evaluating add-ons and also helps you to identify some great add- ons that will enrich specific aspects of your platform.

Gavin co-authored the book “Moodle 2.0 for Business Beginner's Guide” [2] with Jason Cole and Jeanne Cole. This was published by Packt Publishing in May 2011. Since then he has published a number of white papers on Moodle 2 Repositories and Moodle 2 Themes.

Gavin has organised the highly successful Ireland & UK Moodlemoot for the last four years. He blogs on Moodle and related topics on his popular [3] site.

He has his own consultancy firm now [4] and works now with a number of clients on elearning projects, including Moodle upgrades, implementations and integrations and Gamifiction and Open Badge projects.



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