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How Ashley Furniture Delivers Training Online Using ELIS for Moodle.


Learn how Ashley furniture has been able to successfully deliver professional development training curriculum to over 4,000 retail & manufacturing employees, and provide training curriculum for partners across the globe using ELIS for Moodle.

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Rhonda Lundquist
Ashley Furniture Industries

Rhonda Lundquist is the Dir. of Learning Strategy and Technology at Ashley Furniture Industries where she leads the company’s instructional design team and is responsible for implementing the educational technology to meet the learning needs for all corporate divisions and the vast learning audiences at Ashley.


In 2008, Rhonda first implemented ELIS for Moodle in 2008 to provide training to the Ashley Furniture HomeStores retail salesforce throughout the US. In the last year, she has led the efforts to expand the program’s functionality to address the learning design, implementation and reporting needs to employee onboarding training in Ashley’s manufacturing and distribution areas, as well as provide a platform for Ashley’s talent development initiatives.


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