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Bleeding Edge UX: Pushing the limits of Moodle to Transform the Course Experience


Corporate learners are crying out for a compelling, differentiated online experience that promises increased learner engagement and delivers better learning outcomes for participants. For too long, learning and training teams have been shackled to enterprise learning systems and content that have ignored the fundamentals of what makes learning fun, engaging and effective.  

In this presentation you will hear about a project with the goal of changing the status-quo for an online experience. The Accelerator Course Experience (ACE) was developed by Apollo Education Group in partnership with IDEO, a leading international design and innovation firm. It was introduced to the market with the launch of Innovator’s Accelerator, a turnkey course on innovation developed with three of the world’s foremost experts on innovation. 

In this presentation, you will hear about the instructional framework, pedagogy and design principles that underpin the Accelerator Course Experience. You will be introduced to the several new features that were developed to encourage active learning, foster social and collaborative learning and help learners apply the learning in their work environment. Lastly, you will learn about how the team leveraged the power of Moodle themes, course formats and plugins to successfully enable this innovative new course experience.

Presented by...

Sean Gilligan - CEO of Webanywhere
Sean Gilligan & Josh Painter
CEO, Webanywhere & Head of Product for Professional Development, Apollo Education Group

Sean Gilligan, CEO at Webanywhere

After graduating from York University, Sean spent 5 years working for organisations in the IT sector before setting up Webanywhere in 2003. Webanywhere began as a school website design provider before launching their own proprietary CMS, School Jotter, in 2008. 

The company became a Moodle partner in 2006 and founded Webanywhere Inc in the USA in 2010. 

Webanywhere provides online learning solutions to over 3,500 educational and corporate clients, enabling people to achieve more and collaborate through shared learning. 

Josh Painter, Head of Product, Apollo Professional Development

Josh heads up Product Management and Partnerships for Apollo Professional Development, a division of Apollo Education Group. He and his team are developing the next generation of education solutions for working adults, part of a broader portfolio of capabilities that includes developer Boot camps, innovative learning platforms and training titles focused on today’s most in-demand skills. Prior to joining Apollo, Josh spent over a decade at Intel Corporation as a serial intrapreneur for new business initiatives in healthcare, education, e-commerce and information security.

Apollo Education Group is working to improve the lives of millions of learners globally, and through its subsidiaries has established itself as a leading provider of higher education programs for working adults. Apollo Professional Development is an emerging organization within Apollo Education Group focused on helping employers integrate leading edge educational experiences into their organizational talent processes. 


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