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Myths in your Moodle

Instructional design

Many concepts applied in blended and online education are often adopted based on commonly held beliefs and unproven theories, even at institutional level. Ideas like digital natives, problem-based learning, learning styles, brain use and MOOCs; which of these ed-tech related ideas are supported by evidence based research? In this presentation I will challenge some widely adopted practices. Should we follow these ideas as we utilise educational technologies? If not, what should we, as Moodle users, do instead?

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Michael de Raadt
Research Director
Moodle HQ

Dr Michael de Raadt is Research Director at Moodle HQ where he conducts, collects and promotes educational technology research, organises conferences and manages grants. He has experience as an academic in the university sector and has numerous publications in the areas of educational technology and computing education. Michael holds postgraduate qualifications in computing and education. In his free time he loves being with his family and enjoys swimming, jogging and hiking.


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Michael de Raadt
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