Speaker/Presentation Guidelines

Thank you for offering to give a presentation and congratulations on being accepted as a speaker at the MoodleMoot. Your presentation is now visible to the world and has been slotted into the MoodleMoot Program.

Presenters Polo Shirt

Speaker shirtsAs a thank-you gift for being a presenter at the MoodleMoot, we'd like to offer you a free polo style t-shirt that has been designed just for presenters. Indicate your size on the same database you used to write/edit your presentation. For presentations with more than one speaker, please email [email protected] with the details of the extras needed. Our deadline for ordering jackets is upon us.

Deadline: TBA.


It is necessary that you register for the conference in order to present. If you have any difficulty registering, contact [email protected]. Unfortunately we cannot offer discounts to speakers. Group discounts are available on request.

Deadline: Tuesday 21 July

Submit your Presentation Slides

We ask you to submit your presentation slides in advance. There will be no need to plug in your own computer on the day as all presentation slides will be pre-loaded on computers at the venue. It will also help you get ready so you're not rushing things at the last minute. Some presentations will be recorded and having the slides will allow us to integrate them into recording.

In relation to slide content, we encourage you to follow these guidelines.

  • You are the focus of the presentation. Slides should be used for illustrative and reinforcement purposes.
    • Acceptable formats are PDF or PowerPoint files (hopefully that won't limit your creativity).
    • Aim for an aspect ratio of 16:9 (but 4:3 is OK).
    • Use appropriate diagrams and images, use points only when necessary and avoid long text altogether.
    • Where text is used, stick to a common serif font like Arial with fonts no smaller than 24pt.
    • Use good quality images with clear colour contrast.
    • Animations should only be used to illustrate a point or build a diagram.
    • Blank slides should be used when there is no pertinent information to show, while the audience is listening to you.
  • In regular presentations, as a rule-of-thumb, use one slide for every two minutes of your allotted presentation time (excluding tile slides, etc).
  • Don't count on being able to give a live demonstration. If you must, be sure you have backup content in your presentation as screen-captures, diagrams or videos.
  • Presentations of 30min length will include 20 to 25min of content and time for a few questions.
  • Presentations designated as Pecha Kutcha presentations should be submitted as PowerPoint presentations with automatic slide transitions after 20sec from the second slide onwards. You can use this template with automatic transitions already set.

How to Submit your presentation slides

If you are unable to upload your file, please contact [email protected].

Deadline: Tuesday 21 July

Promote your Presence at #MootUS15

Let your colleagues, associates, friends, relatives and strangers know you're presenting.

  • Please share this flyer.
  • If you use Twitter, please use the hashtag #MootUS15.
  • Add your Twitter handle to your presentation.
  • Add your biography.

Rehearse your Presentation

It is recommended that you prepare for your presentation by rehearsing it.

  • Try presenting to your family, friends or in front of a mirror.
  • Time your rehearsal to see if it will fit in your allotted presentation time.

Show up in the break before your Presentation

It is important that you arrive at the room for your presentation in the break before the session that you will present in.

  • Introduce yourself to the person chairing the session. They may ask for information that can be used to introduce you.
  • Test your presentation on the presentation machine.
  • If your session is being video recorded please make sure you allow time for a quick mic-check and setup.
  • Bring a copy of your presentation on a memory stick, just in case.


We want to support you. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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