About MoodleMoot US

Unleash your learning and teaching potential & draft the next chapter of Moodle at MoodleMoot US 2015.

MoodleMoot conferences are held around the world, focusing on collaborating and inspiring all users of the open source learning platform. These events feature speakers, working groups, demonstrations and other presentations for the benefit of delegates.

MoodleMoot US seeks to connect the talented and diverse network of Moodlers across North America to work towards better elearning environments and the integrated open source learning platform, Moodle.

For the first time, this event will be hosted by Moodle HQ, the main organization behind the Moodle project. Taking a new approach guided by community survey feedback, the conference is motivated for the community and the benefit of Moodle.

Speakers have been invited for their educational inspiration, Moodle expertise and energy. Facilitators will host sessions for critical thinking and professional development, focusing on sector needs. 

Developed with both educators and students in mind, Moodle offers the world's largest selection of activities as well as detailed facilities for reporting and tracking. MoodleMoot US brings together academic and workplace experiences to collaborate and extend educational technology.

MoodleMoot is supported by the contribution of sponsors and exhibitors, providing relevant services and support for education technology. This conference is a celebration of the future of Moodle, focusing on collaboration and the community experience.

You spoke, we listened. The findings of our research.

Taking the feedback from previous events, and the results of a wider survey, Moodle HQ has developed an event that is truly open and designed for the community. View the survey findings here.

Thank you to our contributors.

We would like to thank the organizers, sponsors, hosting institution and also you, for making Moodle and this event great.

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