Call for Presentation Proposals

MoodleMoot US 2016

Los Angeles, CA, June 21 - 23

We want to hear what you have been doing with Moodle.

We are seeking sector-specific and role-specific presenters to lead discussions and share case studies, how-tos, research and developments. Share your experience with the Moodle Community.

What's in it for you?

  • Exposure for you and your institution/organization, at the conference, on the site, in the program, on social media
  • Connect with like-minded Moodlers
  • Help improve education, technology and Moodle

Types of presentations

There are a variety of presentation types. Suggest the type you think would be most appropriate to get your message across.

  • Short presentation (30 min, incl. questions)
  • Pico Format
  • Posters

See the Presenter Guidelines for more information about presentation types.

    Please note that, while presenters may be from commercial organizations, presentations should be non-commercial in nature. Organizations seeking to promote their commercial interests should do so by sponsoring the event.

    Your audience

    The conference program is organized into focussed streams so the audience can choose sessions that are most appropriate to them. This also means your message will go to the most interested audience.

    When proposing your presentation you will be asked to provide information that will help us get your message to the most appropriate audience.

    • Your educational sector
    • Your role when using Moodle
    In a survey of US Moodlers, we asked people what topics they were interested in. This doesn't mean you can't talk about other things, but it may help you get ideas.

    • Administration
    • General Moodle use
    • Development
    • Integration with other systems
    • Moodle recent releases and roadmap
    • Research and analytics
    • Plugins and customization
    • Sector specific information
    • User training
    • Theming
    • Gradebook

    What's expected

    Proposals are due Monday April 11 (extended).

    Up front we need:

    • details about yourself
    • a title,
    • an outline and
    • who you think will be the most relevant audience.

    Outlines should be one or two paragraphs in length; enough for reviewers to understand what you will present. Remember that MoodleMoot regular presentations may not be self-promoting.

    We will ask you to submit your slides/poster before the event.

    Of course to present you will need to be present. By submitting a presentation proposal you are committing to register and attend the MoodleMoot. There is no discount for presenters at the MoodleMoot.

    Submit your proposal now

    Got a question? Email [email protected].

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