Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system for creating personalised learning environments.

The Moodle open-source project is run by Moodle Pty Ltd from Perth, Australia (widely known as Moodle HQ) with the help of a global community of Moodle Partners and users worldwide.  Our community work together and help each other on (itself a Moodle site), where they collaborate in Moodle forums, contribute to wiki-based Moodle Documentation, report bugs and work on new features in the Moodle Tracker and offer to translations to the Moodle Translation portal (which means you can use Moodle in over 100 languages!).


MoodleCloud is a hosted course platform solution, designed and run by the people who make Moodle.

Quick, easy & up to date

MoodleCloud is super simple, your site can be up and running in minutes. No need to install, upgrade or backup anything. MoodleCloud is automatically updated with the latest version of Moodle so you receive new features, improvements and fixes just as they are released.


The modular setup of MoodleCloud means that you can create courses using components like lego blocks, adding or removing new activities and resources as you go. Style your site with your own custom domain and logo.

Create amazing courses

Fill your courses with awesome activities to get the most out of your students. MoodleCloud includes Moodle’s enormous catalog of tools for creating fun and engaging online learning spaces plus additional plugins and features.

Mobile friendly

Our official Moodle Mobile app connects with your MoodleCloud on your mobile and tablet, so you can access your course content anywhere. Available on iOS, Android & Windows.

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