A US Moodle Partner since 2015, Elearning Experts' experience with MOODLE dates back to version 1.0.9. Elearning Experts has decades of combined experience in hosting, support, development, training, and instructional design. We focus on providing solid, low cost hosting and Moodle services to users who seek competitive pricing and an attentive vendor.



Sponsor Sessions

Power of a Partner for Moodlers of All Sizes and Needs

Are you an organization of any size looking for a combination of affordable hosting and support, customer centered service, and the power and experience of a Moodle partner? Do you need support for your in-house installation? 

Join us as we talk about a number of options designed to help you find a robust solution at an affordable cost. We’ll talk about some of our core products as well as our key partnerships with providers which allow you great added functionality to your existing Moodle installation. 

Finally, we’ll provide you with information about our content delivery network (CDN) services which can help you serve your content to your end users with high availability and performance.;

Power of Moodle Themes

Are you new to Moodle or planning a new look and trying to decide which theme to use, how to get started? This session will help you learn how to distinguish between theme features, and determine what components of current themes are most important to how you want to portray your elearning environment. 

Do you have a particular look in mind? Discover what steps you can take to personalize your site and what skills are required. Learn what aspects of a theme contribute to best practices for user-centered design. 

If you aren’t sure what you need to know, what you’ll need to prepare, how to decide whether to purchase or download a free theme, this session will help you get closer to a design that is right for your users. If you leave thinking you'll still need help, you'll know how to minimize the cost of theme customization.

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