A Moodle Partner since 2009, Lambda Solutions provides hosting, configuration and integration services, reporting and analytics for Moodle in the education, government, healthcare and corporate sectors. Our training and support teams in North America and Europe help a wide range of medium-sized and enterprise clients accelerate learning performance from requirements gathering to onboarding to program launch for thousands of concurrent learners.



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Reporting in Moodle with Zoola™ Analytics

Lambda Solutions introduced Zoola Analytics to solve common challenges with Moodle and other LMS platforms - limited access to data, limited options to analyze data and limited options to share your analysis. In this session, Lambda demonstrates this powerful, easy-to-use reporting solution, which provides access to all of your learning data, and can be used to provide more meaningful, interactive and actionable insights. We will demonstrate how Moodle can actually exceed your reporting expectations by helping to.

Last modified: Thursday, June 2, 2016, 10:18 PM