MEDIAL is a streaming portal to Manage, Deliver and Playout your video content. Medial focuses on supporting your streaming efforts in 3 categories.



MEDIALibrary - The foundation of the Streaming Portal. 

  • MEDIALibrary will ingest, deliver and playout your media. 
  • A CMS to Organize and Manage video and audio content. 
  • Create a secure media portal on-site or in the cloud.

MEDIALive - Create an event based workflow from Pre-Event to Post-Event on a single URL. 

  • Create a private CDN via live channels.
  • Pre-Event, Live and Post Event workflow via any encoder.
  • Point and Stream to all screens.
  • MEDIALive mobile app allows you to capture your moments and archive them directly to MEDIAL with a single click.

MEDIALearn - Utilizes the Library to create a campus YouTube for learning..

  • An amazing plugin available for Moodle that enhances the capabilities of the largest LMS in the world, allowing you to create video assignments without leaving the Moodle environment.
  • Secure and Administer user accessibility via Active Directory and LDAP.
  • Embed live or Captured VoD lessons or use our MEDIALecture app to record your desktop and webcam to create a Moodle video lesson and easily upload directly into the MEDIALibrary with a single click.

WEB Links:

MEDIAL - MOODLE overview page

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